Kraut (Daniel Zuur) — Genesis, Seed of Life
This album creates an incredibly safe and therapeutic space for listening and deepening the soul.
Latyshev — Sources of Life
It explores the beginning and ending of life, similar to the way spring waters bring life to everything around them.
Latyshev feat. Dinaram — The Sacred Garden of Ganesh
A long-awaited release in collaboration with sound practitioner and singer Dinaram.
Latyshev — A Distant Glimmer of Sirius
This single invites you to a journey deep into yourself, into a unique place that only you have access to.
Latyshev feat. Ramón Ángel CoyotCuicat — Y se la Dio Mama
We are pleased to present a new release by Ivan Latyshev in collaboration with Ramón Ángel CoyotCuicat.
Latyshev — Divine Mother Invocation
This song is dedicated to all the mothers of the world.
With gratitude for your work, patience, and love!
Latyshev — We are centered (Nice & Quiet) / Single
One of the tracks from the new Sleeping Gods album, which will be released in 2022.
Latyshev feat Dinaram — 100 Syllable Vajrasattva Mantra
Deep electronic music inspired by post-rock sound is not so common for mantras, but in this case, we have decided to take a chance as an experiment.
Mariana Root — Rezo EP
We are pleased to present a new release by Mariana Root — Rezo. It's a song from her first album 'SOLay', that inspired the impressive remixes by Lama's Dream and Ivan Latyshev.
Latyshev — The Eagle Nest (Album)
This album is the result of several years of professional, internal and spiritual transformation.
Latyshev — Mula Femenina REMIXES
This beautiful mantra has touched so many people to the very core.
Lama's Dream — Rain Catcher EP
This music is closer to ambient, warm guitar and soft electronics against the background of rain and wind evoke the deepest heart feelings.
Latyshev — Mula Femenina
The history of this mantra is very interesting. The melody and the idea came to Ivan after a trip to Peru.
Lama's Dream — New Horizons EP (Uji & Betelgeize Remixes)
Alae Records presents the next vinyl release by talented Moscow collective Lama's Dream
Latyshev — Ala Espiritu EP Vinyl
Electronics at the junction with ethnic music inspired by the last travel in Peru including 10 days spent in the shamans village
Alexey Yarygin — Olimpia Garden EP
Alae Records welcomes Alexey Yarygin, a very talented musician and composer
Latyshev — Bypass Feelings EP
The first release of Alae Records