Release date: 20.04.2020
Ivan Latyshev — Mula Femenina REMIXES
The first "single" version of Mula Femenina by Ivan Latyshev released on 1 November 2019. This beautiful mantra has touched so many people to the very core. We still are getting feedbacks from all over the world by different listeners and professionals who are also using this mantra in different psychotherapeutic approaches, and Mula Femenina helps them to open and integrate very deep processes.

Now we are bringing to your attention this EP with beautiful remixes by Lama's Dream and Monvol. While expanding the boundaries of the perceived, Mula Femenina goes deeper and reveals more.

Lama's Dream has presented a version inspired by the classic Indian ragas, added more movement and revealed the energy of the east in a modern way.

As for Monvol, they have created an incredibly deep version for dance floors and in their performance, the mantra spins vortices of energies that don't allow you to stay still.

We are also glad to see Monvol on the board of Mother Alae.

Gratitude to:
Timofey Lyapin — guitar
Andrey Fazleev — sitar
Artem Naumov — male voice

Alae Records Team 2020

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