Latyshev feat. Jonathan Calm – Creature Of The Sun
We open 2024 with a new Latyshev single with a talented vocalist Jonathan Calm, his unique voice and Latyshev's production moves in a combination of deep electronic & chill-wave music.

Creature of the Sun is a story of encountering one's own soul. You can hear it in the silence of the night or amidst the clamor of a lively party. It can be found in the simplest everyday tasks and in life's most complex challenges. You can see it in the glow of the sunset and in the eyes of the person in front of you. It doesn't matter how it happens, but it will turn your world upside down. The incomprehensible, unthinkable, and utterly incredible feeling of connecting with oneself is simultaneously the most natural and genuine experience that can ever occur to us.

Released - April 24, 2024
Music & Production - Ivan Latyshev
Vocal - Jonathan Calm
Lyrics - Diana Lebedinova
Mastering - Matthias Heinstein

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