Mariana Root — Rezo EP
We are pleased to present a new release by Mariana Root - Rezo.
It's a song from her first album 'SOLay', that inspired the impressive remixes by Lama's Dream and Ivan Latyshev.

Mariana Root is a Portuguese singer and a songwriter who lived four years in South America where she had the opportunity to witness different rituals and ceremonies with indigenous natives from the Amazon forest, such as Shipibo-Conibo, Huni Kuin and Yawanawa, the Q'erus of the Andes, the Koguis and Wywas of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia, who carry their own native song, received from several generations' transmission, and who pass down an ancestral way of singing, from a state of a human integrated into nature. Inspired by these encounters, Mariana recorded her first album, from which the song 'Rezo' comes. The name of the song is translated as 'Prayer'. We would love to introduce this culture to a wider audience, in the form of a more modern electronic cut. It's produced with great care, and intention to preserve the integrity and depth of this song.

In addition to a strong organic original, you can find the deep sound of experimental electronics in 4/4 style, which is ideal for dance floors, deep listening, or ecstatic dance sessions.

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