Latyshev feat. Dinaram — The Sacred Garden of Ganesh
A long-awaited release in collaboration with sound practitioner and singer Dinaram.

This Mantra of Rig Veda 2.23.1 is addressed to Brihaspati / Brahmanaspati)
1: Among the Ganas (Group of Prayers), to You Who are the Ganapati (Lord of Prayers), we offer our Sacrificial Oblations
2: You are the Wisdom of the Wise and Uppermost in Glory
3: You are the foremost King of the Prayers, presiding as the Lord of the Prayers (Brahmanaspati)
4: Please come to us by Listening to our Invocation and be Present in the Seat of this Sacred Sacrificial Altar (to charge our Prayers with Your Power and Wisdom).

Deep ambient at the interface of modular synthesis.
You will find vocal and instrumental versions.

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