Release date: 1 November 2019
Ivan Latyshev
Mula Femenina
The history of this mantra is very interesting. The melody and the idea came to Ivan after a trip to Peru, and for half a year he was singing it himself as a vocal example without even noticing that an inaccurate wording crept into the text, forcing the male part out of the mantra. One of Ivan's friends has noticed this and pointed it out a bit later. After half year a singer came to Alae Records studio with whom we recorded the final version, and for some magical reason this inaccuracy remained in the text, unnoticed again.

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Unfortunately we couldn't rewrite vocals and the mantra remained female, also the vocalist who recorded it refused to put her name out in public, and her doubt is understandable because a large fundamental male part was removed from the mantra.

Nevertheless, in the process of it's short life (we mean the final version of mantra), many people sent very warm reviews about it and said that they would like to listen to it again and again, because it made them feel really good.

Many of these people felt a great warmth and depth emanating from this work. So we find that this mantra, in a way, wrote itself and as an artist Ivan has no right to block its release. We think the blessing of this music will be revealed, and also we feel that we have no right to slow down or delay the release of this beautiful female mantra into the light.

At the same time we want to apologize to everyone whose religious feelings will be affected by the fact of the absence of the Father in the text, but something tells us that he is not one of those who will be offended

It also seems to us that the situation today requires more attention to the woman and the female aspect in the divine and this amazing awakening of the feminine which we are witnessing, asks us for more of our attention.

We hope this joke of the universe will be accepted by everyone as another reason to look at our strange life with humor and of course, our respect for the male principle will be manifested in our later mantra releases.
Many blessings Ivan Latyshev & Alae Records Team