Latyshev — Divine Mother Invocation
We are pleased to present a new release by Ivan Latyshev in collaboration with Ramón Ángel CoyotCuicat (Singing Coyote), chief of the 'Vision Quest' mountain.

Ramon is a true legacy of the Camino Rojo tradition and shamanism in general. He himself is a legend, and his songs inspire many seekers, not only followers of the Camino Rojo way.
This release is dedicated to the song 'Y se la Dio Mama' that is literally translated as 'And Mother Gave Her'. And here we talk about the sacred cycle of rebirth, and how the feminine energy moves in this Universe. We can know the infinite play of life in full awareness of this process.

'And mother gave her,
In full awareness, she gave her life,
And who gave it to her?'

We have an organic original mix on board inspired by dance electronica and ethnic music; a tech and hypnotic version of Lama's Dream, and a deep groove from SidiRum.

Alae Records Team

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