Release date: 22.01.2018
Ivan Latyshev — Bypass Feelings EP
The first release of Alae Records. The main track from this EP was recorded in the small town of Nepal called Pokhara in 2013. Furthermore, the name of the label was set on those days, but a few more years passed before the project was implemented.In the beginning, Alae should have been the name of the project, but by 2017, the project was transformed into a label, and "Pokhara Lake" and two more works were published as the first release in 2018.

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This music is very closely related to Nepal and Ivan's relationship with this unusual place. After all, in an unexpected way, fate brings him here again and again. "Bypass Feelings EP" is the beginning of a great journey of heart and spirit. It is a very personal work about how to find in yourself the strength to feel even when it hurts, as it is challenging the only way to create a living heart.