Alae Records Podcast Vol IX by Ivan Latyshev
Hello friends! This episode is unusual because I always wanted to create something for meditation. No beats, no strong melodies or the rhythms. All this music will touch you lightly, without any pressure. I wouldn't want to call it meditation music, it's too serious. But really I have noticed that music can be a really strong healing tool.

You can go your own way just by following the music. We're not talking here about "New Earth" or complex meditation techniques where you sit with your straight back and you visualize something. Only if you really want.

Here I wanted to create something that would relax the mind, and then the heart would open up all by itself. You can sit, lie down or do whatever you like. All this music is carefully recorded from vinyl records. You'll hear all kinds of music, some records dating back to the 80s, but of course, there is also contemporary music.

Wish you deep dive and healing.

Don Slepian — Cosmic Geometry
Sheila Chandra — A Bone Crone Drone 2
Pablo Guerrero — Dragones Negros
Ozric Tentacles — Toltec Spring
Eliseo Parra — Noche Tranquila Y Serena
The Chi Factory — Into The Woods
Salama — Вся в песке
Luis Paniagua — Neptuno
Sheila Chandra — A Bone Crone Drone 3
Karma Moffett — Sitting Still Within