Alae Records Podcast Vol VIII mixed by Don Juan Mezcal
We are glad to present this amazing work by Don Juan Mezcal.
For us, he is a really special guest. Deepest music coming from the bottom of the heart consisting of the Medicine songs. This is the first time when we are releasing such a conceptual mix with so much music in this style, although the label's philosophy is closely linked to the shamanic traditions of South and North America. It is a great honour for us to welcome on board of mother Alae an artist with impeccable taste and an impressive collection of sincere music.

Txai Fernando - The Forest
Nick Barbachano - Arbolito Divino
Vibrant Silence - Confianza
Bettina Maureenji feat. Narayan Dass - Rainha
Love Lenka - Seek
Nick Barbachano - Xuti Kutli
Aayam - Cura do Beija Flor
Peia - Txoria Txori
Kailash Kokopelli - Kikilla Lullaby
Bettina Maureenji feat. Narayan Dass, Bryn Quick, Will Lydgate - Adonai Ori
Love Lenka - Water
Vibrant Silence - Raiz
Astral Flowers - Pachamama
Mariana Root - Adamaya
Alonso del Rio - Tiempos de Flores
Rainer Scheurenbrand - Salvia
Aukai - La Joya
Yoga Music for Kids Masters - Healing Meditation
Vibrant Silence - Canto a los Ancestros
Nick Barber - Meditation
Anugama - Inside