Alae Records Podcast vol XV mixed by Don Juan Mezcal
The long-awaited new episode of the podcast from Don Juan Mezcal.

Sound weaves straight from the heart of the jungle.
We wish you good journeys with this amazing music!
Alae Records Podcast vol XV tracklist:

Poan - Rituale
Kraut - Muladhara
Naoba - Tierra
Barulinho - Siesta en Suytun
Multi Culti - Multinational DNA (Strand 1)
Gustavo A. Santaolalla - Iguazu
Azulina - Andromeda
Kailash Kokopelli - Nayano Way
Aluna - Cetacean Healing Frequencies
Natrurritu - Liaison
The Chi Factory - Travel In Peace (Part One)
Alexandre Lora - Chamamento
Hang Massive - Warmth of the Sun's Rays
Masaru Higasa - May The Wind Dance Around You
Sebatierra - Travesia
Liquid Bloom - Roots of the Earth (Shanti & Wei-Chi Field Ambient Remix)
Maywa - Tao
Alunawachuma - New Earth
Landhouse - Meditative
Looprana - Infinito
Peter Power - Golden Ripples
Azulina - Pacífico
Liquid Bloom - Sacred Blessing