Kraut aka Daniel Zuur
Welcome to the enchanting sound world of Kraut. Let yourself be taken on a journey of deep connection and inner healing. Kraut, aka Daniel Zuur, creates music that touches the soul and lifts the spirit.

His music is like a healing garden, in which different sounds and rhythms come together to form a harmonious whole. Kraut draws inspiration from the natural world and fuses these organic elements with electronic sounds. The result is a lush soundscape that embraces the senses and opens the heart.

With his deep rhythms and enchanting melodies, Kraut takes you on an inner journey. His music invites introspection and self-discovery, while at the same time conveying a sense of calm and serenity. Each song is imbued with intention and loving energy, making it a source of healing and transformation.

Immerse yourself in the luscious sounds of Kraut and experience the magic of his music. Let yourself be transported to a world where harmony and balance reign, where the soul is nourished and the heart heals. Kraut invites you to relax, let go and surrender to the healing power of his music. Welcome to the healing garden of Kraut, where sounds bloom and the soul blossoms.
Kraut (Daniel Zuur) — Genesis, Seed of Life
This album creates an incredibly safe and therapeutic space for listening and deepening the soul.